Tuesday, December 29, 2009

belt it up, darling.

okay seriously, the best accessory besides the scarf is the belt. i just adore the belt over a shirt. here are some examples, oh and just so you know, this look is sooo easy to pull off. 

first,  you have the studded belt, remember less is more, so dont over do it with the studs. love this look, so simple, yet so chic. 

another chic belt is the classic leather belt, its bohemian/flowy chic. and i love this look even more if the belt is vintage, old leather = the best.

contrasting belt - when you place a contrasting belt over a appropriate shirt or dress, it adds a lot to the outfit, and it makes your hips look a lot smaller - bonus! :))

something else that i really love, is the wrapped leather look, its juust coming in and i love it. the picture i found isnt super appropriate, i dont like how big it is, a little over the top, but i hope you get the main idea :)

annd thats all folks.

i hope you all had a great Christmas and an amazing New Year, what are some of your resolutions? i dont usually do the whole new years resolution deal, but i think i might this year, im still working on it :).

thoughts? suggestions? please share :))

stay classy!


  1. gotta love belts. i JUST posted an entry of a belted top ; )

    xx lue

  2. I love belts!


  3. oh i love belts, i have so many!
    great post!
    id love to exchange links - ill put you on now :)

  4. I love belts especially with dresses and skirts. nice post, honey!
    btw, yes, let's trade links :)

  5. cute blog - i love belts they can transform an outfit!

    Happy New Year Darling!

    Stay safe and chic
    English Rose x

  6. I agree with this post! Happy new year :)


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