Thursday, December 17, 2009

testing? testing? check, check?

checkerrrd. also know as plaid. yes this was a very hot trend for the fall. heres how to wear it for the winter.

1) stick to the dull colors. depresssing? i know, but bright red checkers really hurt my eyes in the middle of winter. see the example below, i really like how pleasantly dull this outfit is, its peaceful, which i like. 

annd one for the boys, p.s. this is really attractive, please go buy this outfit. love -all girls across the world.

2) acessorize with plaid, your entire outfit doesnt have to be made up of plaid.

this scarf is 39.95 at hollister, and can be put over really any solid muted color, like black, grey, muted red, muted blue or a soft yellow.

shoes are a perfect way to add a pop to your outfit, this shoe is only 19.99 and its at Charlotte Russe..

3) dont over do it, an entire plaid outfit is just appalling. So dont even think about going for it.

i hope you got some good tips, if you have a plaid outfit you love, comment on this, i want to see it!!

 oh p.s i just found these socks, cute right? they also add a fun little pop to any outfit. put with black flats? chic? i think so :)


  1. ahaha love the title of the post.
    yes i think alot of guys would look extremely attractive if they wore that :D

  2. yeah I agree, that guy is so hot! Blue checks look so good on boys and girls xx

  3. Thanks :)
    Great collages!

    Sure, let me know when you want to swap links!!


  4. thanks, adding yours right now!
    Yeah I made the layout :) thanks!


  5. Loooveee both the coats from the first look!



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