Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I personally have no aspirations to become a fashion designer or anything of the sort, I think to be one you have to be ridiculously meticulous, and almost a perfectionist, tied together with a wicked imagination, three things that I am not. But I got really excited when a employee of a casting company contacted me about casting aspiring entrepreneurs in fashion in an upcoming Kelly Cutrone TV series, and I love that I am able to share this with my readers ! So here is the info, let me know if you get in! And remember, you can't get anywhere without a lot of effort and hard work, so if you try out for this, please pour all you have into it!

Kelly Cutrone

Do you fantasize about making your dreams a reality? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a talented artist? Do you want to design handbags? Start your own jewelry line?   You know that you have what it takes, but you don’t know how to get there?
Kelly Cutrone, PR guru and best-selling author of If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, is here to push you to achieve your goals. Have obstacles in your way? She's been there, and has the know-how to kick your dreams into gear. Her book has already inspired countless individuals around the country. Imagine what she can do for you!
MTV is looking for talented, motivated, and dedicated young adults (appear to be 18-23) who want to showcase their talents and passions. Kelly Cutrone knows exactly how to make your dreams a reality, and her candid and no-nonsense approach will help you realize if you have what it takes.
Are you’re tired of hearing “no” and “it is impossible” from the people in your life? Are your parents always telling you to give up and focus on a “real” career? Please send an e-mail to  telling us a little bit about yourself, your talent, and why Kelly Cutrone should help you.
Do it and good luck!
xoxo smalltownchicc

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one hundred

so recently i began reading Nina Garcia's "One Hundred things that every stylish woman must own" and I really loved it. so i decided to make my own list of things that i do not have that Nina suggests, and i came up with 42 items. so, i am going to make a new blog post each time i get something off of my list, and i am pretty excited to do this. Here is my list, i suggest you make your own, its a lot of fun :). oh and also, my goal for this list is to get some of it from the salvation army and goodwill, those stores have so much to offer and it love finding stuff there!

  1. a-line dress
  2. ankle bootie
  3. exotic bangles
  4. black opaque tights
  5. boyfriend cardigan/cosby cardigan (a salvation army find for sure)
  6. brooch (goodwill!)
  7. cable knit sweater
  8. caftan
  9. camel coat, preferably trench.
  10. cape coat
  11. cashmere sweater
  12. charm/unique bracelets
  13. clutch
  14. cocktail ring
  15. cuffs
  16. driving shoes
  17. espadrilles
  18. exotic skin bag
  19. frye harness boot
  20. gentlemans hat/ fedora (excited for this one, i love them in summer)
  21. patent leather gloves
  22. havannas
  23. hobo bag
  24. kahakis
  25. knee boots (i think this may be the hardest, just because they are usually very expensive)
  26. little black dress
  27. little white dress
  28. a man's white shirt
  29. minnetonka moccasin (okay, i am really excited to get a pair of these)
  30. missoni knit
  31. pearl necklace
  32. plain white tee
  33. polo
  34. red lipstick (a quality kind, any suggestions?)
  35. safari jacket
  36. stripped sailor shirt 
  37. statement necklace
  38. sunhat
  39. trench coat (like an olive color, but not a creepy one, a cropped one!)
  40. vintage watch (another goodwill one im sure!)
  41. wide leg trousers
  42. matching yoga outfit/track suit.
So just think of this as a mini bucket list, just i want to finish it by summer. I really enjoyed doing this because i was able to do an inventory of what i have and what i still want. do it! let me know how it goes!

Merry Christmas, and remember the Reason for this season.


attention! coupon code!
well the nice people at sent me a coupon code for my readers! i think this may help me get number 20 a lot quicker! here it is:
Coupon code - 1001Fedora , 10% OFF on any purchase from our website -

Monday, December 13, 2010

baby its cold

it is so cold out!

 my favorite coat this season:

the camel pea coat - love this.

now for guys : i think that many guys think the pea coat is too feminine but i love it on a guy, it shows that he knows how to dress, and that is attractive to me.

"how you doin'?"
haha, stay warm!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


i think sometimes its really important to get back to the basics of every wardrobe. The following are a compilation of items i believe are important to a basic wardrobe, but i think a wardrobe is a growing thing, and i definitely do not have all of the basics i would like, but the importance is working with what you have.

Volcom "Jeguar" Jeggings $45
Levi's 524 skinny jeans : $31

The reason i chose these two jeans/jeggings, is because you can wear either of these with any of the tops below. the key to a diverse wardrobe is variety with similarity. Having many pieces that you can wear together in any sort of manner can really open up a small wardrobe.

mod cloth: $49
basically, a solid cardigan you can refer back to and wear with jeans, a v-neck and flats or boots.

 mod cloth: $54

just keep it classy and simple and clean. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"spoonful of sugar, make it better real quick"

its been too long !

my year is flying by, and i hope yours is going well :).

So, i was just minding my own business the other day, and i came upon this website :
and i stinkin love it! i have an event coming up that requires dressing up a little bit, and this is the perfect source for it! here are some of my faves:

this isnt a dress, but i wanted to point out the waistline for this one, when you get an shirt/dress that has a elastic band or belt that tightens at your natural waist, it is soo flattering. for me, my natural waistline is right in line with my belly button. when you wear a shirt that has this, not only do you avoid the prego look, you also can easily cover any small tires you might be carrying around. :)

i hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

"i will love you for you"

(in reference to the title of this post, i stinkin love jj heller, she is a singer, and she is amazing. she is basically the soundtrack to my life right now, so check her out. )

well i went to old navy yesterday, and i realized how much i love the color camel! ive heard alot about it for this season, but i never have been very fond of it, until now! here are some of my favorite outfits with a camel color palette in them!

(all photos from, public domain)

from the extra large camel, grandpa sweater to the tailored harem pants, i love this versatile look, so go out there and get some camel! its the perfect tone for showing off your summer tan also, which i am all about.
let me know what you find!


Saturday, August 14, 2010


                fall is coming way to fast. but here are some trends that make summer seem to go longer :)

                                                 photos from
                                                               smalltownchicc ♥

Monday, July 12, 2010


my apologies for not posting alot, i have the worst luck with computers, i swear i have that virus touch, every computer i touch instantly goes into virus mode.
anyways, this is just a short update to let you all know that i will be having a review of an item coming up, which i am excited about. and also right now im updating my room and searching everywhere for good stuff to put in it..any suggestions? i repainted my room to like a beachy/sandy/sky blue which is great but all of my furniture is like a dark brown mahogany color, which isnt so hot. so i found this website with a TON of white furniture which is perfect! its and i love it, im looking at the bedroom vanity right now.
but woah that was a huge side track, anyways, ill be posting some good stuff coming soon, so be on the look out!

let me know if you have any favorite websites or places to find furniture!


Monday, June 21, 2010

just an update, oh and a coupon code, who doesnt love those?

so my computer crashed...what a downer :(. so i wont be able to post as much until i can get it fixed! darn dells, i need to get an apple!

anyways, a small clothing brand contacted me and invited me and you to get 15% any purchase from their online store, i just checked it out and its pretty legit.
here is the site:
so here is the promo code : SMALLTOWN

and just enter that at checkout!
they basically put up 9 new dresses/vintage clothes a day! its some pretty cute stuff to, so check it out!

♥ smalltownchicc

Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is my summer song

so summer is finally here for me, and i really can't be more excited. i think i have talked about the weave belt a thousand times, but here is an example of how you can wear it. its not the best example but it will work. :).

oh, and if you don't have a belt like this, go run out to your local target, forever 21 or thriftstore and im sure you will find some great ones.

I. get a wider belt, around 2-3 inches, made out of a weave like this one:

(minus the ugly tail this one has)

II. wrap around a (preferably) solid colored shirt or dress. I would suggest a black, white, solid blue, red, or orange, some colors of pinks. if you do use a patterned shirt or dress, make sure it corresponds with this belt.
III. the placement of the belt around you depends on your weight, if you have a defined area between your hips and the bottom of your chest bone that goes in (like a pear), wrap the belt around there, if you are slightly bigger and you have no definition like that, wrap the belt higher, slightly below your chest.  and if you are rediculously skinny, and tall, a lower positioned belt can help even out your proportions.

(the belt is marshalls, the dress charlotte russe [its not my favorite but] i got it for 4$'s, so i wont complain :)

i hope you all are having a beautiful beginning to summer!
stay classy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

im baack :)

here are a few pictures for some inspiration, i suggest before you go shopping to look over photo's on or chictopia, to gather what is instyle and then from there how you can devolop your own style from there.


so after not posting for FOREVER, im finally back :). this summer i decided i want to start doing tutorials and such, so be looking for those :).

recently i have noticed that my style as evolved from a faux bohemian, to now a little big of a artsy prep, and i recently noticed that i really like the clean look over a messy crazy one, so i hope you enjoy and grow with me as my (and hopefully yours also) style evolves.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

jewelry for a good cause

So over the weekend, i went to a jewelry party for Women At Risk International, which is an organization who takes in women internationally who sell their bodies to make money for their families and parents out of obligation they feel because in their countries (thailand, asia, african countries) they believe that they did somethng bad in their past life, so they were reincarnated women as a punishment, so they owe their parents for being born something they cannot help...make sense? So W.A.R int. tells these girls who work the streets and bars about this oppourtunity to make money to send to their parents with dignity rather than selling themselves. These products are 100% made by the girls in the safe i bought this fantastic ring for only $15 here is a photo of it

(ignore my rediculous face :) )
and honestly, it is fantastic quality, its band is adjustable and there are about 26 real seed pearls that are attached to it.

here is the website:

seriously, check it out. compared to forever 21 or charlotte russe, this jewelry is about the same price, and its handmade and of good quality, besides, when else can you make a donation AND get a precious piece of jewelry made by a precious child rescued from the sex slave industry? comment if you get anything and let me know what you got!

stay classy!

Monday, March 29, 2010 Hana Elite Straightener Review and giveaway!

Okay, let me just start off by saying overall, I was very impressed by the Hana Elite Hair Straightener. Now here are some claims that the manufacturer makes and my thoughts about each one.

Ceramic is naturally hygienic, protects color & retards fading - Yes, i completely agree, my hair was so shiny after i finished.

Adjustable Temperature Dial - 5 Settings from 140-450° F for All Hair Types - I felt like the lower temperatures did not heat up, and the real heat was felt when it was at 450 degrees, that may just be a personal preference of mine though.

Smooth Grooves Keep Hair Strands Separate and Snag-Free - this is something I LOVE about this straightener, my hair hasn't snagged once.

Sleek luxury matte finish - it feels like it is really well made and good quality.

Includes Luxe Heat Proof Storage Pouch, Heat Proof Silicone Mat, & Special Edition Tin Case - i LOVED the heat mat, such a clever idea, and it helped the straightener not slide around on my counter top.

Bottom Line- Top performance and unparalleled protection make the HANA Elite the most advanced flat iron in the world.- most advanced? eh thats a little much, but it is pretty amazing.

I was so impressed by the Misikko company itself, here are some things that I like that are off their website:
professional flat irons

Chi hair straightener

Corioliss flat iron

best flat iron
When I first got my box from I opened it and was so impressed by the packaging, so here are a few pictures of the Hana Elite I recieved.
this is the carrying pouch for the Hana.

this is the heat mat.

the precious free gift they threw in.

the shine shield, this stuff is amaazing

and finally the straightener.

I will upload before and after pics shortly, i just need to find my camera.:).

Ultimately, i really loved this straightener, but not for the instanious results, but rather for how long my hair stayed very straight and smooth, and my volume was not sucked out and my hair did not look dead or flat. so ultimately, i would give this straightener 4 1/2 stars. :).

the giveaway is graciously letting me give one Hana Elite Straightener away to the winner of this giveaway. Here is what you must do to enter:
1. Follow Smalltownchicc on blogspot
2. Then comment on this giveaway post so I know which followers entered, so i can put you in the giveaway hat. :)

blog about this giveaway on your own site equals two extra entries :)
Follow Misikko on Twitter

This giveaway will be over two weeks from today. Good luck!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

lace+nails+some exciting news

recently i went on one of my favorite blogs ( and she had a diy section and she had created this fantastic nail design (or art) using a little lace and clear nail polish. so i tried it out, and heres a little play by play.

I went to walmart and purchased about 6 inches of black lace ribbon, [i think it was about 64 cents]. and sally hansens clear nail polish, which i would suggest because sally hansen's nail polish is a really good quality and the clear polish holds a lot better than the cheaper off brands.

then i cut squares  of the lace that were about the size of each of my fingernails.

then, i put a layer of the clear nail polish down on my first nail, and quickly put the corresponding square of lace on my nail, using the clear polish as kind of a glue.

i let it dry and trimmed off the excess with small scissors and/or sharp nail clippers.

put one more layer of nail polish on top, and file any excess away!

oh! and within the next couple of days i will be announcing a giveaway, so keep checking back!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

if you ever need any sort of inspiration for any outfit, check out
everyone that posts on it are so up to date and chic, i absolutely love this site. i usually check it out right before i go shopping to get some inspiration. here are some of my favorites that were recently posted!

i love this look because it is so attainable for small towns.

she basically belted an oversized tee, which i adore.

i hope you were [in]spired!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


(credit - tuolomee)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so sick

of love songs, so tired of tears.

even though I am in complete love with Neyo, i am so sick of one thing.

fake purses.

we've all see the vendors on the street selling them for outragous prices claiming there real.

now, i completely understand that we all want a piece of prada or a dooney and burke bag, but just cant afford it. but at times, the fake Louis Vitton are just annoying. so here is my advice when you want a designer bag, but the cost is burning you.

first, go to stores like tj maxx or marshalls, they have some fantastic designers for a really reduced price. i bought this adorable xoxo motorcycle bag for $25, and i love it. and the best part is it is real leather (on most of it :) ) but also, please remember, a name or a plaque on the side should'nt be the deciding factor on whether or not you buy the bag, if you like it alot, but it doesnt have coach written all over it, go for it, because its more about the bag than flaunting a designer name.
secondly, look up slightly used designer bags on ebay or even craigslist, you can get a really good steal on those sites.
BUT if you must get a fake bag, please do it right
first, you need to do some research, check and make sure the fakie design your checking into is actually MADE by the designer. when i see a chanel bag at school that chanel has never produced in that design, i just laugh, and trust me; you don't want to see me laughing at you, or anyone else cracking up either. :)

secondly, check out the quality, for the price you are paying for the fake, it should not feel like plastic, or have a nasty plasticy sheen to it. ew, i just cringe at the thought. the "leather" should feel like butter, or as close as you can get.

and finally, if you look like a hobo with a fake bag, your not pulling it off. but if you look like you could afford it, i.e. putting an effort forward to look nice,  you can succesfully pull of a fakie.

good luck girls (and guys)
stay classy, please dont be trashy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

stripes + skinnies = love. the end

aybe im the only one, but i have noticed so many striped outfits for the spring/summer! theres so many striped cotton dresses popping up its crazy! so i love this look, its perfect for a casual day, not to dress and not over the top, its relaxing. so here are some of my faves. check em out and let me know what you think!

love this

i love stripes with black skinnies!

this, however, i love.

i just bought some mens vnecks from walmart and im going to go dye them, just to see what happens :) ill post the results!
stay classy

Monday, February 22, 2010

so excited

i am so excited right now.
i just ordered a marc jacobs bubble ring off of ebay , its black with gold flecks, i am so excited to get it! recently my jewelry choices have been running low so its nice to get some choices, next im looking at the necklace with horseshoes that spell out love.

if your confused on what im talking about, Marc Jacobs,the designer, recently released a line called Marc by Marc Jacobs that offers quality mj wear for less expensive. perfect for poor small town chic people right?! so excited. here are some of my faves! oh and by the way, if you have a marc jacobs bag your looking to get rid of, i am looking for basically any mj bag (because i love them all!) leave a comment or email me (in the side bar) and let me know the deets !!

a lipstick pen?! so creative!

they have so much more than this, check it out at under special items.

stay classy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

jump, jump, jump.

jumpsuits. um hello, what were they thinking? 
haha, actually i reallly love this trend, but i can understand how the greater part of small towns across the world are confused by this trend, so here i am, to solve the mystery of a jumpsuit! tada! :)).

there are a few jumpsuits you should stay away from, like these

 this completely floral idea is a complete fail. it kind of looks like you are wearing your jammies. so if you do go for this, add a thick belt in the middle to break up these crazy patterns! oh and by the way, i adore the suit on the far right, i just couldnt get it to crop out :)).

these are not chic, they are just cheap imitations of the real things, which i will show you soon.This just looks like a tank top slapped on with gauchos, which was one trend in which i sincerely hate.i should point out though, you dont have to pay alot of money to get a good jumpsuit, you just have to know what to look for...and what to stay away...from..far away. 

and then there are the ones you should run towards.

i can breathe again...these are classy. which is what you should look for first in a jumpsuit, dont go trashy

love this, its simple and so chic. i really want this.
oh and another plus about jumpsuits, they cover basically every ripple in your thighs and tummy, so you can pull this off with out being super skinny. but i wouldnt advise this for bigger girls, just those that are skinny - thick, but stay away if you know you will be spilling over a little bit.


then you have the short jumpsuit, which i also adore, if you get this in like a cloth-cotton material, its perfect for the beach !
hope you enjoyed my little thoughts on jumpsuits!

lovelove, smalltownchicc