Tuesday, January 5, 2010

im softy for...

a chic head band, when i see one at the store my arms go out and i just want to buy all of them. so here are some of my faves! a key though, when wearing a head band is to not over do it, wear them sporatically, and dont repeat the same headband more than three times in a week. 

any ways, here are some faves.

the hippie headband

i personally think this looks like something an egyptian godess would wear. 

i love this grecian style!!

i just love this. 

alrighty, thats all i have. oh and that last post? dumb, i know, its called a lack of sleep, but that rediculous outfit was a snuggie! haha, which i love.

stay classy !

ps. heres a few headbands i found on amazon. 


  1. Love headbands - just wished I could pull it off (-:

  2. I LOVE headband in the second image, where did you buy it?!?


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