Tuesday, December 29, 2009

belt it up, darling.

okay seriously, the best accessory besides the scarf is the belt. i just adore the belt over a shirt. here are some examples, oh and just so you know, this look is sooo easy to pull off. 

first,  you have the studded belt, remember less is more, so dont over do it with the studs. love this look, so simple, yet so chic. 

another chic belt is the classic leather belt, its bohemian/flowy chic. and i love this look even more if the belt is vintage, old leather = the best.

contrasting belt - when you place a contrasting belt over a appropriate shirt or dress, it adds a lot to the outfit, and it makes your hips look a lot smaller - bonus! :))

something else that i really love, is the wrapped leather look, its juust coming in and i love it. the picture i found isnt super appropriate, i dont like how big it is, a little over the top, but i hope you get the main idea :)

annd thats all folks.

i hope you all had a great Christmas and an amazing New Year, what are some of your resolutions? i dont usually do the whole new years resolution deal, but i think i might this year, im still working on it :).

thoughts? suggestions? please share :))

stay classy!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

bag em'

book bags! school is starting back up soon so i thought i would do a blog on book bags! and messenger bags, you know, so here are some of my faves, and a few i could never get, i just like to drool over. :))

roxy melody rucksack - $74

the classic man bag, its rough and rugged. this ones from barbour
as you can tell, i really love a good leather messenger :). 

this is scrumptious. oh and the bag is nice to. ;). 

i hope you are getting the general theme, messenger bags are chic! good luck finding your own bag. my own suggestion would be to buy a nice one, and once that leather gets worn, the better it gets. so have fun! 

stay classy! 

<--here are some i found on amazon, because i just like to randomly search random websites. but there ideas!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

because its a good cause

and the jewelry is beautiful.

                              click here to go to their website and online store.

what im refering to is http://madewithloveinbrazil.com/ or MWLIB.

as their mission statement states : Founder Mary Jane Marcasiano uses her fashion design and non-profit experience to create unique, handmade products that connect cultures and support women’s and children’s charities in Brazil , Africa and Haiti. In 2007 Marcasiano formed MADE WITH LOVE a non-profit global initative dedicated to raising funds and awareness for NGOs aiding women and children in need through the production and sale of fair trade indigenous products.

i think what they are doing is a really beautiful and creative thing, this is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift, with immense meaning behind it.

here are a few of my favorites from their website, and their prices. 

single bangle $20
set of 4, $75

set of ten - $20

necklace - $60

necklace that doubles as a bracelet - $35

made with love in africa recycled rubber bracelets - $28

this is a really good cause, and i encourage everyone to check into this! 



stay classy! 



Saturday, December 19, 2009

beanie + beret = love love love

oh, my apologies in advance for the completely random amazon links. 
i hate tyras hat in this, but i adoore beyonce's

one trend that i have recently fallen completely in love with is the underrated beanie, or the slouchy beret. 
if i could, i would buy this in all colors known to man, but right now im sticking with blacks, whites and the entire blue color wheel, for fall and winter, for spring i plan on moving towards more brighter colors. hot pink berets, here i come. :).  these kind of hats are perfect for small towns ♥♥
i recently started looking on amazon, my friend showed me the broad selection they have, so i like. so here are a feeew i found on amazon.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

testing? testing? check, check?

checkerrrd. also know as plaid. yes this was a very hot trend for the fall. heres how to wear it for the winter.

1) stick to the dull colors. depresssing? i know, but bright red checkers really hurt my eyes in the middle of winter. see the example below, i really like how pleasantly dull this outfit is, its peaceful, which i like. 

annd one for the boys, p.s. this is really attractive, please go buy this outfit. love -all girls across the world.

2) acessorize with plaid, your entire outfit doesnt have to be made up of plaid.

this scarf is 39.95 at hollister, and can be put over really any solid muted color, like black, grey, muted red, muted blue or a soft yellow.

shoes are a perfect way to add a pop to your outfit, this shoe is only 19.99 and its at Charlotte Russe..

3) dont over do it, an entire plaid outfit is just appalling. So dont even think about going for it.

i hope you got some good tips, if you have a plaid outfit you love, comment on this, i want to see it!!

 oh p.s i just found these socks, cute right? they also add a fun little pop to any outfit. put with black flats? chic? i think so :)

Monday, December 14, 2009



tights! they are such big trend this year, and they come in so many chic colors and designs, here are some of my faves and how to wear them!!

first, i LOVE shorts over tights.

second, i adore lace tights, taylor swift pulls them off amazingly here: she is so classy in these.

i love that tights have become like a second skin, an expression of oneself.

finally, here are some of the crazy styles of tights that hit the runway this season.

please keep everything tasteful. please please please. dont go tacky or trashy - stay classy!



no-poo, have any of you tried this? i started doing in last week, just to see what all the buzz was about..
if you dont know what no-poo is you can learn more about it here -Nopoo -.

so far i really like it, my hair is really easy to manage, and ive had alot of good hairdays. i know this isnt very fashion related, but i didnt know if anyone else has tried this? what did you think of it? ill periodicallly update ya'll on my progress!

stay classy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

oh dear...

i think im falling in love.
under the Christmas tree? yes? lets hope :))

stay classy!

Christmas list & wish

all i want for Christmas....is this: (oh, and a cheetah print snuggie :))

my addiction with booties continues...
charlotte russe 36.99

love love love these!
charlotte russe 6.99
i love rings. basically.
charlotte russe 4.99

any studded blazer will do, really.

oh and i really do adore everything from topshop....
like this clutch, i want!!!
or this cardi. ah!

so i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, what are some of the things on your Christmas wishlist?


Saturday, December 12, 2009

im really quite in love with these...

perfection, in the nail color and shoes. love love love! ah! i want them!

(credit: pepperandchips)

stay classy!

Friday, December 11, 2009


so i just saw these jeans today on fashion canvas' blog, and i adore them!!

what do you think?
stay classy!

will you be my...


well i adore the really chic booties and knee high and thigh high boots, so here are some of my faves. these boots are not only chic, but they are perfect for small towns, without looking like a mess.

love love love these!
let me know if you want more information on any of these!
comment and let me know what ya think!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

swagga like us

i really dont know where that title came from.

but i was going through my closet and i saw this blazer, just hanging there all innocent. so i grabbed it and took a few pictures, and so i was wondering...is this appropriate to be seen in public? i completely adore this look, but can i pull it off in my small town? thoughts?

oh and this jacket is perf. example how you can create a chicc look from practically anything. I ride and show horses during the summer so this is my show jacket, i rolled the sleeves up a little and tada! chic.
thoughts? chic? not chic? in love?

Monday, December 7, 2009

thick and chunky...

no, im not talking about soup.
right now, the trend that is really picking up is the thick, heavy, chunky jewelry. Though its not really new, and its been around for a while, this look is getting really popular.

dear rihanna, i love basically everything you wear, just so you know.

this example above isnt very chic, but you can pull it off, if its well thought out.

hope you were inspired!
dont be trashy, stay classy.