Saturday, December 5, 2009

oh the weather is cold outside

but the Christmas parties are coming!!
so here are some really chic outfits i found that are perfect for the upcoming holiday parties!!! now please keep in mind, these are perfect for small towns, now if you live in a fashion capital, these would be hot, but there are probably alot more diverse things for you to choose from, i just like showing people the chic outfits they can find in their own town, that are perfect for where they live :)).

this one is from target, and i think it would be that perfect simple dress with a pop of excitement with the whole zebra pattern going on. a leather bomber or a blazer would go perfectly over this.go for this look if you are under 22. much older and this zebra wont look right.

i love this dress from charlotte russe, because its perfect for a new years eve party.

you can find it HERE

this is another one from Charlotte russe. i love the tiny little ruffle details.

you can find this one HERE

i LOVE these mchammerish pant jumpers. they look so great, if pulled off right.

this dress is perfect for that office Christmas party.

i hope you found some good ideas for some holiday party outfits, let me know if you want to find out where i found some of these!
p.s. all of these dresses are under $40!

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  1. Love the third dress! it's farouchious! :)
    Trade links?


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