Monday, November 30, 2009

okay so i was thinking...

what store is in every small town across the world?

walmart! so, in my boredom today, i decided to put together an outfit made completely out of walmart apparel and see if it could still be completely chic. i had fun with this, so dont make fun, or judge. :)

now i dont really like this necklace, but it was the best fitting one i could find on their website. i would rather have something like this with this outfit:

layered with other various pearls and such.

i couldn't decide what shoes to use, can you tell?
oh and since this outfit is completely black and i feel like i should wear this tping or something, here are some chic scarves from wallymart that you can use to brighten this outfit up!

FINALLY, a leather bomber would be smokin on top of this outfit :))

oh and also from walmart, they have this dress for $20 - how presh, right?!

so i know this blog and the last one are kinda off subject, but fashion still makes them both cohesive to each other. hope you enjoyed them both! let me know what you think! this outfit from walmart cost around $50 or a little less all together! what a steal :)

lovelovelove smalltownchicc

top five

fashion fails.

recently ive been noticing more and more horrific fashion faux pas, here are the most notable.

5) the classic Christmas/holiday sweater, now i dont mind if my grandma wears this, she can wear whatever she wants, but please dont wear this if your under the age of 55, thats just not pretty.

next, at number 4, we have........clunky shoes!
you know what im talking about, the horrifying clunky heel is the worst, if you still dont know what im talking about, here are some examples. this seems to be very popular in my small town.

outdated, and disgusting. please pass on these when you go shopping!

3) mom jeans, these jeans can look great on certain body types, but that's rare. the slight high waist is fine and popular. but you've seen them, the rare mom jean. the waist is so high its ridiculous, and the pegleg levi's.

2) we ALL should know better than this, buuttt im afraid many do not. thats right, im talking about the fanny. pack.

no sir, not cool. get some counseling...please.

1) baggy pants. no no no no no, this is just awful. whenever i see guys walking around with these on around campus, i run the other way for fear of what weapons or drugs they may hide in their pants. yes, baggy pants i fear.

why even wear jeans?

look out for more top five fashion disasters! haha this is probably the weirdest post ive done, but its nice to mix it up every once in a while. :)

so do you agree with these? have more to add? have made these mistakes? comment and let me know!!
♥♥♥ smalltownchicc

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the skinny

on skinny ties.

how do you feel about the skinny tie? i, personally love it on a guy. but if your a guy and your contemplating a skinny tie here are a few things you should consider before you take the leap.

first, age.
i really dont want to see my grandpa in a skinny tie, i believe that skinny ties look best on men 17-35ish. any older and it begins to look...weird.

secondly, weight.
now i would like to be fair to all body types, skinny ties look great on all kinds of guys. but you shouldn't consider it if your really overweight, this kind of tie looks best on a medium to slim body type.

third, color or style.
i love love love a black skinny tie with a completely gray or white collared shirt, plain. its so hot. so dont go for a pattern tie ontop of a patterned shirt, keep it simple. a paisley skinny on top of a white or blue or green shirt, is really attractive. just try to be in good taste whatever you do.

here are some examples of skinny ties which i consider very attractive :)).

david beckam, classic. by wearing it with a vest and jeans, he just adds a new, comfortable spin on this hot look.


so try a skinny tie, they are really hot if you can pull them off, and i think it helps guys look more chic when they have to wear a suit and tie. trust me.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

oh the weather out side is frightful...

i cant believe its already practically Christmas.
two days after thanksgiving and there's holiday music and decorations everywhere! so since winter is coming fast, and your (hopefully) making sure you have a good winter jacket. here are some jackets that are perfectly chic for a whatever small town your in for this winter.

1) this one is my favorite winter coat i have gotten so far, it has a floppy collar, and tie for around the waist, which i love. and it looks perfect with any solid scarf, which i also love.

i got it at marshalls for $25.

cute, right?

2)this next one is perfect if your in highschool, dont go for it if your older than that.

i think i got it at steve and barrys, forever ago, for $8! i love deals.

3) peacoat, classic. there are a lot of differing styles now, the classic, the 3/4 sleeves, the band-jacket, so many to choose from! nine times out of ten though, whatever looks best on you, will be your best choice, so happy shopping!

the big buttons on this one^ is perfect.


finally, go for some color, live a little, you can easily brighten your entire wardrobe when you go for something a little brighter, a little out of your comfort zone. good luck!


show and tell

black friday was great!
i shopped for about 6 hrs, and really only bought two or three outfits. not a whole lot, but thats okay :).

here is my first buy.
some really cute flats at wet seal, i usually dont go in there, but i did yesterday. these shoes were only 4.99!!

it has this really cool layering of zippers on the top so it looks like flower petals almost. love it!

next, i have been looking for a skinny belt for FOREVER! i finally found this one, and i love it! oh and i also got this long cardigan. its my party cardie :).

and i also got these dark wash, almost black jeans for only like $14!! im probably going to take them in at the bottom, because they are way to bellbottom-ey for me!

oh and dont you love that top? i really like how the ruffles are present, but not overpowering.

i also got some perfume and a head band, and some jewelry, nothing too exciting. :)).

p.s. oops! i forgot my last outfit..
sweater, shirt and scarf...cute, right? i really love this outfit, and it was all under $30 total!

my next blog is going to be about winter jackets! so watch out for that one!
♥♥ smalltownchicc

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Product review - clean and clear morning burst in shower facial

i know, i want this blog to primarily be based around fashion, but when i find something this good in my small town, i want to share it!

what is it: clean and clear morning burst in shower facial. i found it for about $5 at my local walmart, i saw it at walgreens and a few other small drug stores i have around my town.
how i use it: i start using it after i shampoo my hair, and im leaving my conditioner in. i take out about a quarter size glob in my palm and i take my index finger and start gently smoothing it over my face, primarily my most problem areas. (ie t-zone, nose, chin, forehead) i leave it on for about 1 min, and then scrub it off.

likes: i love the refreshing feeling i get after i finish scrubbing the little tiny beads around, the steam from the shower makes it feel all the more refreshing!!

dislikes: you need to make sure you scrub it ALL off, sometimes the little tiny beads get stuck around my nose and eyebrows. but i really dont have any complaints. its worth the $5

results: this is a great alternative to expensive weekly treatments, its a proven statistic that exfoliating weekly will decrease blemishes and pimples significantly, and for someone in a tiny town, and not alot of options, this is a great choice!!

p.s. if you go to you can print of a coupon for $2.50. so it would only cost around $3 to get the in shower facial!
do it, you wont regret it!

i just need to get this off my chest..

okay so something has been bugging me for a while now, so now im just gonna let it all out.

you see these?

UGGS are great, super comfy, perfect for the winter and apparently ohsopopular in my small town.
but seriously, wear these babys indoors! dont wear them outside, to work, to school, any where that you can be seen. please please please. they are NOT chic, they are perfect for going to the gas station, or to go get the mail. but stop wearing them to school, the mall, everywhere!

just because you can buy $150 boots, doesn't mean you have to wear them everywhere.

spend that $150 on some hot heels like these babys:

Guess - by Marciano

do you get what im trying to say?
im glad i got that off of my chest.

please comment if you know of a way to make these chic, im still trying to find a way!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

its a bomb

the leather bomber jacket.
so chic, and any one can pull this off in any small town across america. I just bought one at Marshalls, and it was on sale for $15!! So, what makes a good leather bomber jacket?

the color.
PLEASE dont get any unatural colors, like purple, hot pink or blue. only go for natural earthy tones - dark brown, black, dark grey.

the fit
tight= not hot.
keep it slightly baggy.

dont shy away from slighty puffyish sleeves, strong shoulders are hot this fall. just dont go crazy with it. :)
oh and three quarter lengths sleeves are super hot to, whatever you do, dont go for the cap sleeves, it looks awkward and is not chic.
three quarters or full sleeves all the way/ :))

what should someone wear with a bomber jacket?
the reason i love bomber jackets so much is the options.
there are so many outfits you can wear with a bomber jacket.
wear it over a dress, like a cardigan. if you wear it with a gold or silver party dress like this one
black party dress - Charlotte Russe
or this one
silver party dress - Charlotte Russe
, it would be perf. for new years party.

or if your just going out for the night, pair a black bomber jacket with a black tank, and a cute scarf that is a coordinating color, like a blue, red or white with a black pattern and heels and your good to go.
if your running across campus, throw it on over a vintage t shirt, and boom, your chic.

here are some super chic jackets, at some stores that most small towns have.
Charlotte Russe



a very very dark friday

black friday is coming!!

And before the early morning rush there are a few things you should think about before going out.

First, make a list.
you should make a list of all of the things you want to get, all the things you need for this coming winter season and catch a few great things from this falls collection. doing this will save you time and money so you can catch some really great deals!

Second, what ever you do...dont make a hasty choice!
Just because your friend is pushing to go to the next store and your still debating if that cardigan is worth $15, stop and think of the outfits you can wear with it, and then make your decision, even put it on hold and come back later. Making a hasty decision that early in the morning can equal to a lot of clothes just hanging in your closet, never used.

Third, dont cry if its not in your size.
you know what im talking about, you just found this stunning and completely chic dress, but its only in an XL, what ever you do JUST MOVE ON. its not meant to be. dont go down the horrendous path of talking your self into an XL when you usually wear a medium. its not worth it, i dont even care if its $1, dont do it.

Hopefully these tips are helpful to you black friday morning!
happy shopping!