Wednesday, December 9, 2009

swagga like us

i really dont know where that title came from.

but i was going through my closet and i saw this blazer, just hanging there all innocent. so i grabbed it and took a few pictures, and so i was this appropriate to be seen in public? i completely adore this look, but can i pull it off in my small town? thoughts?

oh and this jacket is perf. example how you can create a chicc look from practically anything. I ride and show horses during the summer so this is my show jacket, i rolled the sleeves up a little and tada! chic.
thoughts? chic? not chic? in love?


  1. I love blazers so you can never go wrong when pairing them with jeans and a top. i love the pop of color with the shirts

  2. Yeah sure, yours is up. :)

    I love that blazer and flower top.


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