Tuesday, December 22, 2009

because its a good cause

and the jewelry is beautiful.

                              click here to go to their website and online store.

what im refering to is http://madewithloveinbrazil.com/ or MWLIB.

as their mission statement states : Founder Mary Jane Marcasiano uses her fashion design and non-profit experience to create unique, handmade products that connect cultures and support women’s and children’s charities in Brazil , Africa and Haiti. In 2007 Marcasiano formed MADE WITH LOVE a non-profit global initative dedicated to raising funds and awareness for NGOs aiding women and children in need through the production and sale of fair trade indigenous products.

i think what they are doing is a really beautiful and creative thing, this is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift, with immense meaning behind it.

here are a few of my favorites from their website, and their prices. 

single bangle $20
set of 4, $75

set of ten - $20

necklace - $60

necklace that doubles as a bracelet - $35

made with love in africa recycled rubber bracelets - $28

this is a really good cause, and i encourage everyone to check into this! 



stay classy! 




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