Sunday, December 27, 2009

bag em'

book bags! school is starting back up soon so i thought i would do a blog on book bags! and messenger bags, you know, so here are some of my faves, and a few i could never get, i just like to drool over. :))

roxy melody rucksack - $74

the classic man bag, its rough and rugged. this ones from barbour
as you can tell, i really love a good leather messenger :). 

this is scrumptious. oh and the bag is nice to. ;). 

i hope you are getting the general theme, messenger bags are chic! good luck finding your own bag. my own suggestion would be to buy a nice one, and once that leather gets worn, the better it gets. so have fun! 

stay classy! 

<--here are some i found on amazon, because i just like to randomly search random websites. but there ideas!!


  1. Hey there, thanks for the lovely comment. I think i like man bags more then womens! I saw this beautiful Martin Margeila one in a sample sale the other week and so wish i'd bought it!
    Yeah sure lets swap links, i'll add you to my faves list.
    Thanks a lot
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

  2. id love to exchange links! your blog is beautiful!

    love casey!

  3. hey, would love to exchange =] I'll put you up now, thanks for your comment!!


  4. I often get messenger bags from men's section, they're so much more beautiful, rough and rugged, like you said.



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