Friday, August 19, 2011


im putting a few looks together for when i go off to school, so i was browsing and here is what i found for inspiration!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

straight talk

note* - this is completely unrelated to fashion, but when i read this i loved it and i think many people can identify with it, which is why i am sharing.

My sister showed me this blog post and i loved so much of it! first of all here it is: How to live a great love story - it is pretty much this guy going through a couple different steps on how he thinks guys and girls have failed in being too easy with their love,  and then how he thinks women can attract a good guy, not just someone looking for a hookup.
and here are my favorite excerpts of it!

2. Make him work for it: When a guy is made to fight for a girl, he esteems her much more highly. She becomes more attractive in his eyes, and for that matter she becomes more attractive to other men, too. That said, most of the time this will backfire because lots of guys are just looking for cheap and slutty sex and for her to get lost afterward. Still, it’s your chance to weed them out. And believe me, girls, there are a lot of weeds.

4. Be willing to suffer: What this means for you is that your love story needs to have a lot of lonely crying in it. Believe it or not, there will come a day when a man will fall madly in love with you and you will have the honor of sitting down with him one special night to explain that, while you weren’t perfect, you turned down plenty of guys and and cried yourself to sleep hoping somebody would come around and treat you with respect. He will be honored by this, and he will love you and feel humbled. If he doesn’t have the same story, he will feel intensely convicted and unworthy. You’ll really be giving him the foundation he needs to love your heart.

6. Don’t be thirteen: Unless you’re thirteen, ladies, grow up. Many women claim that men just won’t grow up, but then you sit and talk to them and realize they haven’t grown up either. They aren’t strong enough to demand something more from their men. They aren’t strong enough to say no to a guy who just wants to use them. These are all elements of immaturity. And it’s the stuff of a bad love story. A good man will attract a good woman. And a victim will attract a predator. Stop acting like a victim. If you want a strong man who can protect you and your children, stop trolling for predators by crying all the time. Act like a dignified woman who believes her company is valuable and should come at a price.

preach it!  

haha, i hope you enjoyed my post, even though it was off of my usual topic :).
xoxo, tori anne