Friday, February 26, 2010

stripes + skinnies = love. the end

aybe im the only one, but i have noticed so many striped outfits for the spring/summer! theres so many striped cotton dresses popping up its crazy! so i love this look, its perfect for a casual day, not to dress and not over the top, its relaxing. so here are some of my faves. check em out and let me know what you think!

love this

i love stripes with black skinnies!

this, however, i love.

i just bought some mens vnecks from walmart and im going to go dye them, just to see what happens :) ill post the results!
stay classy

Monday, February 22, 2010

so excited

i am so excited right now.
i just ordered a marc jacobs bubble ring off of ebay , its black with gold flecks, i am so excited to get it! recently my jewelry choices have been running low so its nice to get some choices, next im looking at the necklace with horseshoes that spell out love.

if your confused on what im talking about, Marc Jacobs,the designer, recently released a line called Marc by Marc Jacobs that offers quality mj wear for less expensive. perfect for poor small town chic people right?! so excited. here are some of my faves! oh and by the way, if you have a marc jacobs bag your looking to get rid of, i am looking for basically any mj bag (because i love them all!) leave a comment or email me (in the side bar) and let me know the deets !!

a lipstick pen?! so creative!

they have so much more than this, check it out at under special items.

stay classy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

jump, jump, jump.

jumpsuits. um hello, what were they thinking? 
haha, actually i reallly love this trend, but i can understand how the greater part of small towns across the world are confused by this trend, so here i am, to solve the mystery of a jumpsuit! tada! :)).

there are a few jumpsuits you should stay away from, like these

 this completely floral idea is a complete fail. it kind of looks like you are wearing your jammies. so if you do go for this, add a thick belt in the middle to break up these crazy patterns! oh and by the way, i adore the suit on the far right, i just couldnt get it to crop out :)).

these are not chic, they are just cheap imitations of the real things, which i will show you soon.This just looks like a tank top slapped on with gauchos, which was one trend in which i sincerely hate.i should point out though, you dont have to pay alot of money to get a good jumpsuit, you just have to know what to look for...and what to stay away...from..far away. 

and then there are the ones you should run towards.

i can breathe again...these are classy. which is what you should look for first in a jumpsuit, dont go trashy

love this, its simple and so chic. i really want this.
oh and another plus about jumpsuits, they cover basically every ripple in your thighs and tummy, so you can pull this off with out being super skinny. but i wouldnt advise this for bigger girls, just those that are skinny - thick, but stay away if you know you will be spilling over a little bit.


then you have the short jumpsuit, which i also adore, if you get this in like a cloth-cotton material, its perfect for the beach !
hope you enjoyed my little thoughts on jumpsuits!

lovelove, smalltownchicc

Saturday, February 6, 2010

summer, you cant come fast enough...

so as im snowed into my house, all i can think about is summer, dresses, and the sun, tans, summer, ugh, summer please come!

In summer, the song sings itself.

so here are some things i cant wait to wear when summer comes.

bohemian dress - not only does it look great, its almost more comfortable than sweats. :)

you have no idea how excited i am for the slouchy romper look. i adore this look and cant wait to get one of these for myself!!

the high waisted skirt, reinvented. i love this look, its so casual, yet dressy.
check out her shoes to! love this!

the tribal pattern scarf, love this.

love all these, and i cant wait for this snow to melt and i can venture outside again!!
any thoughts?
stay classyy