Friday, May 27, 2011

I mean, you're so shy and I'm loving your tie, you know I really got a thing for American guys

i looove nicki minaj's song super bass.
and i love the following styles for guys this summerr!!!

i am referring to this post as "man swag" guys can look fashionable yet still manly at the same time. dont believe the lie!

this one above is my favorite - i think guys feel like they can't go out on a limb and mess around with skinny jeans or messenger bags - but i think its hot when a guy has his own style, and actually cares about how he looks. Its manly, but not over the top.

who doesn't love a little beckham swag? i just love his style.

carpe diem, 
xoxo anne. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i think its important to remember

I think it is important to remember how short life is, and how important faith, family and love is. i know that is so cliche to say, but i am finding my self reminded of that especially this week, and in the coming weeks.
I am almost done with high school and i feel like it has just flown by. Yesterday i was in the car, and i was just thinking about how short life is and how people come and go out of your lives. I know i can get caught up in wanting to stay up on all the latest fashion and just being straight up selfish in the grand scheme of things. as i was driving i had like an 'aha' moment and i just wanted to share it with you:
they're just clothes. i know, your probably like, duh. but sometimes all i can think about is the next clothing item i can get for me, or the fad that will make me "happier".

I guess i just wanted to get out some of my thoughts, like how clothes and fashion magazines and shoes and bags, as soon as they catch on fire, they're gone.  And as soon as we die, we're gone, its what we did in our lives that make a lasting difference, and what matter. its who we love, help, encourage, encounter, its all of those people. Not things.

We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.

 Alice Bloch

         time is precious, people are precious, lives are precious. dont take advantage of that.
okay, ill get off my box now. i hope your having a good week, and i hope your doing something or helping someone that makes a lasting difference!
                                               xoxo anne.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I mean my, my, my, my you're like pelican fly

who doesn't love looking at all the awards show dresses? I love looking at the dresses that i could never dream to afford, and taking tips from the hair and the styles coming out that i can use for black tie events, or weddings i have this summer. The following photos are some of my favorites from this weekends Billboard Music Awards.

selena gomez - the usual, girl next door took things to a new level, and i love it! its a perfect summer dress.

rihanna - this simple Max Azria suit is so great.

for the next one - dont shoot me.

Justin Bieber - i actually really liked what he wore. It was clean and classy, but still fresh and had "swag". i know he didn't wear a dress so it doesn't really tie in, i just really liked it..what do you think?

then it got a little messy
Ke$ha aka Kesha Rose Sebert - i put her birthname in there to remind us all that she is human, and she makes mistakes. What in the world was she thinking? Props for matching all of the blues and grays, but thats where the good things stop, and it just turns ugly. Thoughts?

like all awards shows, there were many more failures, but i don't want to waste your or my time, but i hope you enjoyed the successes of last night, and can laugh with me at the failures!
xoxo smalltownchicc

Saturday, May 21, 2011

you make beautiful things out of dust, you make beautiful things out of us.

i was watching a hills episode earlier today, and lauren conrad met someone for lunch and she was wearing this :

red collared shirt with those wooden heels, and i am just so addicted to it! i love it! she tucked in the front of the shirt but left the back out, it was just a perfect, casual out - to - lunch outfit.

I also realized today how fashion forward the olsen twins are, and I know this is already a established fact, but i personally, have never bought the whole homeless look i always felt like they have had, but recently, i have really loved some of their looks.
Did you know their fashion line - the row - and various other fashion ventures including a line called Elizabeth and James, brings in 1 billion dollars?

oh! and have you seen darren criss recently? he is on Glee, and i love his style and his face! haha. this is a recent shoot he did with GQ on summer wedding styles.

i just love the plaid look with the suit, so casual yet chic!

i hope you had a wonderful spring day!

ohh and if you have a few spare moments, check out my friends blog - Keepin' it Classy
she has some really great things on there!

Friday, May 20, 2011


inspire:  a) to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.
               b) give rise to an action, feeling.

all of these photos contain outfits that i believe are very attainable, see what you think for yourself...

photo credit:

recently i have been reading a book about how women and young girls get caught up in abusive relationships with men who turn into pimps, and then their struggle to leave the men they believe they love so much, its really goood.
check it out --> 

                  stay classy,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

sometimes blessings come through tears.

i posted this originally on my other blog - but decided that this applied to smalltownchicc as well, so enjoy!

so i was in my local drugstore and i was getting my passport photos taken and i was rummaging through the clearance section and look what i saw:
as you can see it says it is from top Beverly Hills salons and fashion runways, how could i resist?!
yes that is pure sarcasm, what actually made me buy it was that it was only $2.49 so if it didn't work out i would not have wasted a lot of money on it. But i did it! and i love them! so here is step by step, how i did it.

step one: prep
prepare your nails by trimming the nails and pushing back the cuticles. Buff them lightly to remove the oily layer. Finally, file the edges to give a smooth and clean look.
step two: application

the kit came with the cheetah print foils you see above.

The applicator is to the far left, scissors, a file and then the foils.
1.) remove the punch-out piece from the backing film
2.)grasp the foil between your thumb and index finger, lay rounded edge against the cuticle.
3.) use the scissors to cut off excess.

4.) once the foil is in place, rub all of the areas of the nail firmly with the applicator and cuticle pusher. While smoothing nail foils onto your nails, you can stretch them to avoid creating an uneven surface.
5.) file off and cut off any remaining excess material in a gentle downward motion.
step three: making it stay
i use clear nail polish on the tips and around the edges first, then i brush a good amount over the entire nail, and i have had mine on for almost two days now, with no problem, so they seem to stick fairly well!

this was actually kind of fun doing, and i am keeping my eyes open for different kinds of foils that i can use!
stay classy,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

oh mirror in the sky, what is love? [trend alert!]

I adore glee's cover of Landslide check it out here - love it.

so a trend that i think is growing pretty fast, is feather hair extensions, not only have i seen numerous videos on them, and on celebrities, i actually talked to a girl at my school today who had some really cool ones in, and i was shocked that this trend had made it to my high school in the middle of corn fields! So i have decided to order some and do it! which ones would you suggest? Have you tried them? let me know! i am a beginner at this, so I will be documenting my journey!

I think i am going to do some thing similar to selena gomez's extensions, they blend really well with her color, and look natural.

love this.

i need suggestions on the best place to buy these, let me know!

oh! i forgot, but my spray tan turned out okay! i was still pretty pale on my face and upper body, but i was able to fill it in with a home spray tan kit that I have, so here is a picture of my prom.

black grecian draped dress, necklace from target, hair : side braid, loose chignon in back, to the side.

i know its plain in the scheme of all prom dresses, but i decided that i didnt want to regret the dress i wore,  I am glad that when i look back in ten years i will still love this dress!

xoxo smalltownchicc

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

oh dear..

I just got back from getting a spray tan for the first time (its super healthy compared to the alternative!) and it was terrifying!! oh. my. gosh. There were these three massive jets of the tan spray and i couldnt breathe. In one word - horrific. So i made the awful mistake of running out of the booth halfway through the spray! what was i thinking?!It takes 24 hours to set, and so now I am just waiting to see how bad the damage is, ill keep you updated! OH, and did i mention my prom is on saturday?
Do you have any suggestions? ever had a spray tan turn bad? Tell me about it!

In my effort to cover this potentially awful tan, I plan on on investing in a jumpsuit like this one nicole riche has

Because my legs are fine, but I am afraid what my shoulders and back will look like!

I'll keep you updated!
stay classy - even though my unfortunate tan is not even close to any scale of class!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh, i remember..

I am in LOVE with Lauren Conrad's style. Her style is one that I aspire to one day pull off successfully, and so right now I am all about trying to get all sorts of different pieces that I can mash together, for example, the skinny jeans and a loose tee or tank were perfected when LC started wearing them. So recently I began following her new website -  - where you can browse through all of her tips on anything from life to fashion. Her most recent post is about her spring favorites and here is a collage she put up:

Love this! casual but comfortable chic! oh and look at that, she featured the same leather shorts I was talking about in my last post (scroll down to see)

just so you know, I plan on going to the local salvation army (i know, thats super hipster of me, but i promise, im not) and search through the racks to find a white or camel suit coat, which I agree with LC, is so in this season.

Stay classy,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

you say pleather, i say leather.

one trend this spring that i think is really coming on strong is the leather pants and shorts. Lauren Conrad recently wrote about this on her blog, and gave some really good examples. I know in my small town I wont be able to successfully pull it off except for at church or a nice dinner during the summer maybe  - leather or rather should I say pleather, is known around here for two things: biker chicks, and rodeos. Two things I do not partake in. But if you think you can pull these off, here are some good examples that will hopefully inspire you!

I adore the high waisted shorts, with the loose top, its careless but clean.
Then Victoria Beckham in these leather pants, with accents of gold is phenomenal.

I love these trends, and I hope you learned a little about how to wear leather, and keep your eyes open for them this summer!
Stay classy,