Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I personally have no aspirations to become a fashion designer or anything of the sort, I think to be one you have to be ridiculously meticulous, and almost a perfectionist, tied together with a wicked imagination, three things that I am not. But I got really excited when a employee of a casting company contacted me about casting aspiring entrepreneurs in fashion in an upcoming Kelly Cutrone TV series, and I love that I am able to share this with my readers ! So here is the info, let me know if you get in! And remember, you can't get anywhere without a lot of effort and hard work, so if you try out for this, please pour all you have into it!

Kelly Cutrone

Do you fantasize about making your dreams a reality? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a talented artist? Do you want to design handbags? Start your own jewelry line?   You know that you have what it takes, but you don’t know how to get there?
Kelly Cutrone, PR guru and best-selling author of If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, is here to push you to achieve your goals. Have obstacles in your way? She's been there, and has the know-how to kick your dreams into gear. Her book has already inspired countless individuals around the country. Imagine what she can do for you!
MTV is looking for talented, motivated, and dedicated young adults (appear to be 18-23) who want to showcase their talents and passions. Kelly Cutrone knows exactly how to make your dreams a reality, and her candid and no-nonsense approach will help you realize if you have what it takes.
Are you’re tired of hearing “no” and “it is impossible” from the people in your life? Are your parents always telling you to give up and focus on a “real” career? Please send an e-mail to  telling us a little bit about yourself, your talent, and why Kelly Cutrone should help you.
Do it and good luck!
xoxo smalltownchicc

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one hundred

so recently i began reading Nina Garcia's "One Hundred things that every stylish woman must own" and I really loved it. so i decided to make my own list of things that i do not have that Nina suggests, and i came up with 42 items. so, i am going to make a new blog post each time i get something off of my list, and i am pretty excited to do this. Here is my list, i suggest you make your own, its a lot of fun :). oh and also, my goal for this list is to get some of it from the salvation army and goodwill, those stores have so much to offer and it love finding stuff there!

  1. a-line dress
  2. ankle bootie
  3. exotic bangles
  4. black opaque tights
  5. boyfriend cardigan/cosby cardigan (a salvation army find for sure)
  6. brooch (goodwill!)
  7. cable knit sweater
  8. caftan
  9. camel coat, preferably trench.
  10. cape coat
  11. cashmere sweater
  12. charm/unique bracelets
  13. clutch
  14. cocktail ring
  15. cuffs
  16. driving shoes
  17. espadrilles
  18. exotic skin bag
  19. frye harness boot
  20. gentlemans hat/ fedora (excited for this one, i love them in summer)
  21. patent leather gloves
  22. havannas
  23. hobo bag
  24. kahakis
  25. knee boots (i think this may be the hardest, just because they are usually very expensive)
  26. little black dress
  27. little white dress
  28. a man's white shirt
  29. minnetonka moccasin (okay, i am really excited to get a pair of these)
  30. missoni knit
  31. pearl necklace
  32. plain white tee
  33. polo
  34. red lipstick (a quality kind, any suggestions?)
  35. safari jacket
  36. stripped sailor shirt 
  37. statement necklace
  38. sunhat
  39. trench coat (like an olive color, but not a creepy one, a cropped one!)
  40. vintage watch (another goodwill one im sure!)
  41. wide leg trousers
  42. matching yoga outfit/track suit.
So just think of this as a mini bucket list, just i want to finish it by summer. I really enjoyed doing this because i was able to do an inventory of what i have and what i still want. do it! let me know how it goes!

Merry Christmas, and remember the Reason for this season.


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Monday, December 13, 2010

baby its cold

it is so cold out!

 my favorite coat this season:

the camel pea coat - love this.

now for guys : i think that many guys think the pea coat is too feminine but i love it on a guy, it shows that he knows how to dress, and that is attractive to me.

"how you doin'?"
haha, stay warm!