Monday, November 30, 2009

top five

fashion fails.

recently ive been noticing more and more horrific fashion faux pas, here are the most notable.

5) the classic Christmas/holiday sweater, now i dont mind if my grandma wears this, she can wear whatever she wants, but please dont wear this if your under the age of 55, thats just not pretty.

next, at number 4, we have........clunky shoes!
you know what im talking about, the horrifying clunky heel is the worst, if you still dont know what im talking about, here are some examples. this seems to be very popular in my small town.

outdated, and disgusting. please pass on these when you go shopping!

3) mom jeans, these jeans can look great on certain body types, but that's rare. the slight high waist is fine and popular. but you've seen them, the rare mom jean. the waist is so high its ridiculous, and the pegleg levi's.

2) we ALL should know better than this, buuttt im afraid many do not. thats right, im talking about the fanny. pack.

no sir, not cool. get some counseling...please.

1) baggy pants. no no no no no, this is just awful. whenever i see guys walking around with these on around campus, i run the other way for fear of what weapons or drugs they may hide in their pants. yes, baggy pants i fear.

why even wear jeans?

look out for more top five fashion disasters! haha this is probably the weirdest post ive done, but its nice to mix it up every once in a while. :)

so do you agree with these? have more to add? have made these mistakes? comment and let me know!!
♥♥♥ smalltownchicc


  1. I agree with every one of these!!

  2. i hate seeing it too, but i think the baggy pants thing linked to the fear that they'll be carrying illegal things is a bit stereotypical...i mean, i'm certain ur not saying u expect all of them to be involved in that sorta thing, so i respect ur opinion...i'm a firm believer in not judging books by their covers :) x


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