Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Product review - clean and clear morning burst in shower facial

i know, i want this blog to primarily be based around fashion, but when i find something this good in my small town, i want to share it!

what is it: clean and clear morning burst in shower facial. i found it for about $5 at my local walmart, i saw it at walgreens and a few other small drug stores i have around my town.
how i use it: i start using it after i shampoo my hair, and im leaving my conditioner in. i take out about a quarter size glob in my palm and i take my index finger and start gently smoothing it over my face, primarily my most problem areas. (ie t-zone, nose, chin, forehead) i leave it on for about 1 min, and then scrub it off.

likes: i love the refreshing feeling i get after i finish scrubbing the little tiny beads around, the steam from the shower makes it feel all the more refreshing!!

dislikes: you need to make sure you scrub it ALL off, sometimes the little tiny beads get stuck around my nose and eyebrows. but i really dont have any complaints. its worth the $5

results: this is a great alternative to expensive weekly treatments, its a proven statistic that exfoliating weekly will decrease blemishes and pimples significantly, and for someone in a tiny town, and not alot of options, this is a great choice!!

p.s. if you go to you can print of a coupon for $2.50. so it would only cost around $3 to get the in shower facial!
do it, you wont regret it!

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