Saturday, November 28, 2009

oh the weather out side is frightful...

i cant believe its already practically Christmas.
two days after thanksgiving and there's holiday music and decorations everywhere! so since winter is coming fast, and your (hopefully) making sure you have a good winter jacket. here are some jackets that are perfectly chic for a whatever small town your in for this winter.

1) this one is my favorite winter coat i have gotten so far, it has a floppy collar, and tie for around the waist, which i love. and it looks perfect with any solid scarf, which i also love.

i got it at marshalls for $25.

cute, right?

2)this next one is perfect if your in highschool, dont go for it if your older than that.

i think i got it at steve and barrys, forever ago, for $8! i love deals.

3) peacoat, classic. there are a lot of differing styles now, the classic, the 3/4 sleeves, the band-jacket, so many to choose from! nine times out of ten though, whatever looks best on you, will be your best choice, so happy shopping!

the big buttons on this one^ is perfect.


finally, go for some color, live a little, you can easily brighten your entire wardrobe when you go for something a little brighter, a little out of your comfort zone. good luck!


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  1. Ooooh! Totally in love with the red one!



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