Tuesday, November 24, 2009

its a bomb

the leather bomber jacket.
so chic, and any one can pull this off in any small town across america. I just bought one at Marshalls, and it was on sale for $15!! So, what makes a good leather bomber jacket?

the color.
PLEASE dont get any unatural colors, like purple, hot pink or blue. only go for natural earthy tones - dark brown, black, dark grey.

the fit
tight= not hot.
keep it slightly baggy.

dont shy away from slighty puffyish sleeves, strong shoulders are hot this fall. just dont go crazy with it. :)
oh and three quarter lengths sleeves are super hot to, whatever you do, dont go for the cap sleeves, it looks awkward and is not chic.
three quarters or full sleeves all the way/ :))

what should someone wear with a bomber jacket?
the reason i love bomber jackets so much is the options.
there are so many outfits you can wear with a bomber jacket.
wear it over a dress, like a cardigan. if you wear it with a gold or silver party dress like this one
black party dress - Charlotte Russe
or this one
silver party dress - Charlotte Russe
, it would be perf. for new years party.

or if your just going out for the night, pair a black bomber jacket with a black tank, and a cute scarf that is a coordinating color, like a blue, red or white with a black pattern and heels and your good to go.
if your running across campus, throw it on over a vintage t shirt, and boom, your chic.

here are some super chic jackets, at some stores that most small towns have.
Charlotte Russe



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  1. fabulous! I want one so badly :D the dress and jacket never would of thought! thumbs up lol


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