Saturday, November 28, 2009

show and tell

black friday was great!
i shopped for about 6 hrs, and really only bought two or three outfits. not a whole lot, but thats okay :).

here is my first buy.
some really cute flats at wet seal, i usually dont go in there, but i did yesterday. these shoes were only 4.99!!

it has this really cool layering of zippers on the top so it looks like flower petals almost. love it!

next, i have been looking for a skinny belt for FOREVER! i finally found this one, and i love it! oh and i also got this long cardigan. its my party cardie :).

and i also got these dark wash, almost black jeans for only like $14!! im probably going to take them in at the bottom, because they are way to bellbottom-ey for me!

oh and dont you love that top? i really like how the ruffles are present, but not overpowering.

i also got some perfume and a head band, and some jewelry, nothing too exciting. :)).

p.s. oops! i forgot my last outfit..
sweater, shirt and scarf...cute, right? i really love this outfit, and it was all under $30 total!

my next blog is going to be about winter jackets! so watch out for that one!
♥♥ smalltownchicc


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    thats how you do it basically :)

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