Monday, November 30, 2009

okay so i was thinking...

what store is in every small town across the world?

walmart! so, in my boredom today, i decided to put together an outfit made completely out of walmart apparel and see if it could still be completely chic. i had fun with this, so dont make fun, or judge. :)

now i dont really like this necklace, but it was the best fitting one i could find on their website. i would rather have something like this with this outfit:

layered with other various pearls and such.

i couldn't decide what shoes to use, can you tell?
oh and since this outfit is completely black and i feel like i should wear this tping or something, here are some chic scarves from wallymart that you can use to brighten this outfit up!

FINALLY, a leather bomber would be smokin on top of this outfit :))

oh and also from walmart, they have this dress for $20 - how presh, right?!

so i know this blog and the last one are kinda off subject, but fashion still makes them both cohesive to each other. hope you enjoyed them both! let me know what you think! this outfit from walmart cost around $50 or a little less all together! what a steal :)

lovelovelove smalltownchicc

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