Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i just need to get this off my chest..

okay so something has been bugging me for a while now, so now im just gonna let it all out.

you see these?

UGGS are great, super comfy, perfect for the winter and apparently ohsopopular in my small town.
but seriously, wear these babys indoors! dont wear them outside, to work, to school, any where that you can be seen. please please please. they are NOT chic, they are perfect for going to the gas station, or to go get the mail. but stop wearing them to school, the mall, everywhere!

just because you can buy $150 boots, doesn't mean you have to wear them everywhere.

spend that $150 on some hot heels like these babys:

Guess - by Marciano

do you get what im trying to say?
im glad i got that off of my chest.

please comment if you know of a way to make these chic, im still trying to find a way!

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