Thursday, May 19, 2011

sometimes blessings come through tears.

i posted this originally on my other blog - but decided that this applied to smalltownchicc as well, so enjoy!

so i was in my local drugstore and i was getting my passport photos taken and i was rummaging through the clearance section and look what i saw:
as you can see it says it is from top Beverly Hills salons and fashion runways, how could i resist?!
yes that is pure sarcasm, what actually made me buy it was that it was only $2.49 so if it didn't work out i would not have wasted a lot of money on it. But i did it! and i love them! so here is step by step, how i did it.

step one: prep
prepare your nails by trimming the nails and pushing back the cuticles. Buff them lightly to remove the oily layer. Finally, file the edges to give a smooth and clean look.
step two: application

the kit came with the cheetah print foils you see above.

The applicator is to the far left, scissors, a file and then the foils.
1.) remove the punch-out piece from the backing film
2.)grasp the foil between your thumb and index finger, lay rounded edge against the cuticle.
3.) use the scissors to cut off excess.

4.) once the foil is in place, rub all of the areas of the nail firmly with the applicator and cuticle pusher. While smoothing nail foils onto your nails, you can stretch them to avoid creating an uneven surface.
5.) file off and cut off any remaining excess material in a gentle downward motion.
step three: making it stay
i use clear nail polish on the tips and around the edges first, then i brush a good amount over the entire nail, and i have had mine on for almost two days now, with no problem, so they seem to stick fairly well!

this was actually kind of fun doing, and i am keeping my eyes open for different kinds of foils that i can use!
stay classy,

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