Monday, May 23, 2011

I mean my, my, my, my you're like pelican fly

who doesn't love looking at all the awards show dresses? I love looking at the dresses that i could never dream to afford, and taking tips from the hair and the styles coming out that i can use for black tie events, or weddings i have this summer. The following photos are some of my favorites from this weekends Billboard Music Awards.

selena gomez - the usual, girl next door took things to a new level, and i love it! its a perfect summer dress.

rihanna - this simple Max Azria suit is so great.

for the next one - dont shoot me.

Justin Bieber - i actually really liked what he wore. It was clean and classy, but still fresh and had "swag". i know he didn't wear a dress so it doesn't really tie in, i just really liked it..what do you think?

then it got a little messy
Ke$ha aka Kesha Rose Sebert - i put her birthname in there to remind us all that she is human, and she makes mistakes. What in the world was she thinking? Props for matching all of the blues and grays, but thats where the good things stop, and it just turns ugly. Thoughts?

like all awards shows, there were many more failures, but i don't want to waste your or my time, but i hope you enjoyed the successes of last night, and can laugh with me at the failures!
xoxo smalltownchicc

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