Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh, i remember..

I am in LOVE with Lauren Conrad's style. Her style is one that I aspire to one day pull off successfully, and so right now I am all about trying to get all sorts of different pieces that I can mash together, for example, the skinny jeans and a loose tee or tank were perfected when LC started wearing them. So recently I began following her new website - LaurenConrad.com  - where you can browse through all of her tips on anything from life to fashion. Her most recent post is about her spring favorites and here is a collage she put up:

Love this! casual but comfortable chic! oh and look at that, she featured the same leather shorts I was talking about in my last post (scroll down to see)

just so you know, I plan on going to the local salvation army (i know, thats super hipster of me, but i promise, im not) and search through the racks to find a white or camel suit coat, which I agree with LC, is so in this season.

Stay classy,

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  1. I love her too. She is very chic and rarely ever makes a fashion faux pas!


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