Tuesday, May 17, 2011

oh mirror in the sky, what is love? [trend alert!]

I adore glee's cover of Landslide check it out here - love it.

so a trend that i think is growing pretty fast, is feather hair extensions, not only have i seen numerous videos on them, and on celebrities, i actually talked to a girl at my school today who had some really cool ones in, and i was shocked that this trend had made it to my high school in the middle of corn fields! So i have decided to order some and do it! which ones would you suggest? Have you tried them? let me know! i am a beginner at this, so I will be documenting my journey!

I think i am going to do some thing similar to selena gomez's extensions, they blend really well with her color, and look natural.

love this.

i need suggestions on the best place to buy these, let me know!

oh! i forgot, but my spray tan turned out okay! i was still pretty pale on my face and upper body, but i was able to fill it in with a home spray tan kit that I have, so here is a picture of my prom.

black grecian draped dress, necklace from target, hair : side braid, loose chignon in back, to the side.

i know its plain in the scheme of all prom dresses, but i decided that i didnt want to regret the dress i wore,  I am glad that when i look back in ten years i will still love this dress!

xoxo smalltownchicc

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