Wednesday, May 11, 2011

oh dear..

I just got back from getting a spray tan for the first time (its super healthy compared to the alternative!) and it was terrifying!! oh. my. gosh. There were these three massive jets of the tan spray and i couldnt breathe. In one word - horrific. So i made the awful mistake of running out of the booth halfway through the spray! what was i thinking?!It takes 24 hours to set, and so now I am just waiting to see how bad the damage is, ill keep you updated! OH, and did i mention my prom is on saturday?
Do you have any suggestions? ever had a spray tan turn bad? Tell me about it!

In my effort to cover this potentially awful tan, I plan on on investing in a jumpsuit like this one nicole riche has

Because my legs are fine, but I am afraid what my shoulders and back will look like!

I'll keep you updated!
stay classy - even though my unfortunate tan is not even close to any scale of class!

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