Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so sick

of love songs, so tired of tears.

even though I am in complete love with Neyo, i am so sick of one thing.

fake purses.

we've all see the vendors on the street selling them for outragous prices claiming there real.

now, i completely understand that we all want a piece of prada or a dooney and burke bag, but just cant afford it. but at times, the fake Louis Vitton are just annoying. so here is my advice when you want a designer bag, but the cost is burning you.

first, go to stores like tj maxx or marshalls, they have some fantastic designers for a really reduced price. i bought this adorable xoxo motorcycle bag for $25, and i love it. and the best part is it is real leather (on most of it :) ) but also, please remember, a name or a plaque on the side should'nt be the deciding factor on whether or not you buy the bag, if you like it alot, but it doesnt have coach written all over it, go for it, because its more about the bag than flaunting a designer name.
secondly, look up slightly used designer bags on ebay or even craigslist, you can get a really good steal on those sites.
BUT if you must get a fake bag, please do it right
first, you need to do some research, check and make sure the fakie design your checking into is actually MADE by the designer. when i see a chanel bag at school that chanel has never produced in that design, i just laugh, and trust me; you don't want to see me laughing at you, or anyone else cracking up either. :)

secondly, check out the quality, for the price you are paying for the fake, it should not feel like plastic, or have a nasty plasticy sheen to it. ew, i just cringe at the thought. the "leather" should feel like butter, or as close as you can get.

and finally, if you look like a hobo with a fake bag, your not pulling it off. but if you look like you could afford it, i.e. putting an effort forward to look nice,  you can succesfully pull of a fakie.

good luck girls (and guys)
stay classy, please dont be trashy!

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  1. I don't have a problem with replicas, but when something is a blatant fake it irks me. There are so many other fabulous styles out there - fakes are not needed!! :/


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