Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is my summer song

so summer is finally here for me, and i really can't be more excited. i think i have talked about the weave belt a thousand times, but here is an example of how you can wear it. its not the best example but it will work. :).

oh, and if you don't have a belt like this, go run out to your local target, forever 21 or thriftstore and im sure you will find some great ones.

I. get a wider belt, around 2-3 inches, made out of a weave like this one:

(minus the ugly tail this one has)

II. wrap around a (preferably) solid colored shirt or dress. I would suggest a black, white, solid blue, red, or orange, some colors of pinks. if you do use a patterned shirt or dress, make sure it corresponds with this belt.
III. the placement of the belt around you depends on your weight, if you have a defined area between your hips and the bottom of your chest bone that goes in (like a pear), wrap the belt around there, if you are slightly bigger and you have no definition like that, wrap the belt higher, slightly below your chest.  and if you are rediculously skinny, and tall, a lower positioned belt can help even out your proportions.

(the belt is marshalls, the dress charlotte russe [its not my favorite but] i got it for 4$'s, so i wont complain :)

i hope you all are having a beautiful beginning to summer!
stay classy!


  1. looks very boho, lovely :)

  2. Oh, I love your dress! Gorgeous!

  3. Yeahh stay classy, i love ur dress, very vintage!!!


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