Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I personally have no aspirations to become a fashion designer or anything of the sort, I think to be one you have to be ridiculously meticulous, and almost a perfectionist, tied together with a wicked imagination, three things that I am not. But I got really excited when a employee of a casting company contacted me about casting aspiring entrepreneurs in fashion in an upcoming Kelly Cutrone TV series, and I love that I am able to share this with my readers ! So here is the info, let me know if you get in! And remember, you can't get anywhere without a lot of effort and hard work, so if you try out for this, please pour all you have into it!

Kelly Cutrone

Do you fantasize about making your dreams a reality? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a talented artist? Do you want to design handbags? Start your own jewelry line?   You know that you have what it takes, but you don’t know how to get there?
Kelly Cutrone, PR guru and best-selling author of If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, is here to push you to achieve your goals. Have obstacles in your way? She's been there, and has the know-how to kick your dreams into gear. Her book has already inspired countless individuals around the country. Imagine what she can do for you!
MTV is looking for talented, motivated, and dedicated young adults (appear to be 18-23) who want to showcase their talents and passions. Kelly Cutrone knows exactly how to make your dreams a reality, and her candid and no-nonsense approach will help you realize if you have what it takes.
Are you’re tired of hearing “no” and “it is impossible” from the people in your life? Are your parents always telling you to give up and focus on a “real” career? Please send an e-mail to  telling us a little bit about yourself, your talent, and why Kelly Cutrone should help you.
Do it and good luck!
xoxo smalltownchicc

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