Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh please...

lace? love it.
this is such an evolving trend! each year lace comes back in new and amazing styles, so here are some of my faves, and how to wear them!

okayy yes, i know what your thinking, just a tad over the top? agreed, but toned down a little, this out fit would be so smalltownchicish :).

click here to go to a beautiful forever 21 shirt, i love this one!! i tried to get it at f21 but they were out :\\\. i couldnt get the picture to load.

love this!

black lace is so hot to,

lace tights, love this!!

so great.

so basically, i love lace, it is such a great look for this spring \ winter and its so fresh!

hope your all doing well!!

stay classy dont be trashy!


  1. I actually really like the piece in the first pic!

  2. I LOVE the white lace - super fun - go for it! (-:

  3. the white lace is such a cute hippie look!

    btw i put an award for u on my blog :)

  4. are you kidding me? def NOT over the top. the first pic is amazing !

    xx lue

  5. Love the first pic! i have never seen an over sized lace top and i lovee it <3


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