Thursday, January 7, 2010

because i love gowns...

i know this goes way off of small town fashion, but i adore gowns that celebs wear, and i love getting inspiration from them, so here are some of my faves from last nights peoples choice awards!!

far left, demi lovatos dress is not my favorite, it seems a little off, but i love the other two!! 

 Carrie's dress is really unique, heres a description from LAtimes. "a black cage-embroidered cocktail dress by Mexican-born designer Christian Cota. The dress is from the Spring 2010 collection, and it features a cage-like lace made by stitching ribbons onto fabric, then melting the fabric away." so unique! i love it! and i have a feeling we are going to see alot more of this look in the future, fashionably speaking :).

taylor lautner looked as delish as usual, but he always wears the same gray suit-style, anyone else notice this?

what do you think of all of these dresses? i dont think there were too many standouts, fashion wise, but they all looked beautiful.

stay classy!
♥ smalltownchicc


  1. I know what you mean about Taylor, a little bit boring now. I'd like to see him in something a little more exciting!

  2. oooh the white dress with the gladiators is my fave!!


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