Saturday, February 6, 2010

summer, you cant come fast enough...

so as im snowed into my house, all i can think about is summer, dresses, and the sun, tans, summer, ugh, summer please come!

In summer, the song sings itself.

so here are some things i cant wait to wear when summer comes.

bohemian dress - not only does it look great, its almost more comfortable than sweats. :)

you have no idea how excited i am for the slouchy romper look. i adore this look and cant wait to get one of these for myself!!

the high waisted skirt, reinvented. i love this look, its so casual, yet dressy.
check out her shoes to! love this!

the tribal pattern scarf, love this.

love all these, and i cant wait for this snow to melt and i can venture outside again!!
any thoughts?
stay classyy


  1. oh god, i can't wait until its summer either! yes yes yes bohemian dresses :)


  2. couldn't agree more bring back the sun!

  3. i love vanessa hudgens so know the way she dressed up,the fashion she used everyday in public, is really really awesome!!!!♥♥♥
    ...omigosh i hpoe and i wish i can meet her and zac someday!!!mmmuuuuaaaahhhhh...
    from:maria jamaica♥


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