Friday, July 22, 2011

in advance i apologize for how long this is, ill be back to short and sweet soon :)

so last week i was in mexico with my church and it was an amazing experience (ill post pictures later)but as you can imagine, getting down there and back has required me to get to know a couple airports pretty well. Something I love to do in airports is to people watch, i feel like a creep at first, but i love imagining that i could potentially see david beckham or zac efron walk by and obviously the middle school girl inside of me goes on to fantasize that on my next flight my seat could be next to justin bieber, i know its not realistic - but let me dream!

anyways, back to reality - as i was people watching, i realized the fashion  in airports is incredible! It can range from some shlup who just rolled out of bed (me!) to the girl with the jimmy choo's and chanel bag. I saw one outfit i just cant stop thinking about - it was couple who flew from puerto vallerta to houston with my group and I and i loved everything they had on - the following is a compilation of that.

this black romper with these shoes

(Prada suede & haircalf sandals - $890 at Saks)
by the way, i was going to take a picture, but that would have taken my "people watching" to a whole new creeper level. I just loved this couples outfit!
and this Chanel lambskin bag.

and finally the guys' outfit was much simplier

but it was a perfect compliment to her outfit.

one day..:)
i hope your summer is singing and beautiful!
tori anne

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” t.s. eliot

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  1. Agree with you with airport style - its mad! Whenever I go to Heathrow there are women who look like they are heading to a club..! I like to fly in anything comfortable - if thats fashionable its a plus! xxx


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