Monday, December 5, 2011

are you bob the builder?

this is really just my opinion. but, today i want to talk about construction boots. Don't know what im talking about? Work boots? how about now? oh wait, i got it, timberland. i am sure that timberland had no idea that their boots would become so popular, who would have guessed that they are a fashion trend now, but surprise! it is.

Granted, when they came out, i thought they looked really hot on a guy, that could pull them off, and still do. But what i dont understand is girls that think that high-top construction boots are the way to go - side note: there are a few exceptions to this, notice i said, few - and i also understand that they are Dr. Martens, and if you can afford a real pair, go for it. But no offense to the doctor, but i do not love this trend.



a few things to consider before you slip a pair on:
1) are they real Dr Martens?
2) did i wear them yesterday, and the day before that,  and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that...i think you get it.
These shoes should not be your' "go-to shoes" pull 'em out for special occasions.
3) finally, do you work on a construction site? if the answer to this is no, then you should reconsider why you own a pair of shoes that look like you just finished pouring cement.

Just my opinions, dont be offended. Now that you have heard them, give me examples, prove me wrong.

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