Friday, October 21, 2011

its a beautiful world, its a beautiful day.

went thrifting today,this jacket was $2.50 at goodwill!
I just had to share.


  1. Great jacket! The price makes it a fantastic jacket! You can wear this jacket with so many things... let me count the ways. 1.With jeans and a t as seen in the pic. 2.With really cute pant or skirt (I would go with the same color as the trim... blues are hard to match up or coordinate so they don't clash). A sheath dress would be lovely as well for special occasions. Most of these items are in my Top 10 Tween Must Haves list on my blog. Have a Wonderful Day! I'm so enjoying the cranberry colored Fall leaves today here in Georgia! Another redcarpet event by yours truely... Mother Nature;~)

  2. Love it, very cute! Great find :)

  3. great price!!
    great blog, by the way! following you!
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