Sunday, April 25, 2010

jewelry for a good cause

So over the weekend, i went to a jewelry party for Women At Risk International, which is an organization who takes in women internationally who sell their bodies to make money for their families and parents out of obligation they feel because in their countries (thailand, asia, african countries) they believe that they did somethng bad in their past life, so they were reincarnated women as a punishment, so they owe their parents for being born something they cannot help...make sense? So W.A.R int. tells these girls who work the streets and bars about this oppourtunity to make money to send to their parents with dignity rather than selling themselves. These products are 100% made by the girls in the safe i bought this fantastic ring for only $15 here is a photo of it

(ignore my rediculous face :) )
and honestly, it is fantastic quality, its band is adjustable and there are about 26 real seed pearls that are attached to it.

here is the website:

seriously, check it out. compared to forever 21 or charlotte russe, this jewelry is about the same price, and its handmade and of good quality, besides, when else can you make a donation AND get a precious piece of jewelry made by a precious child rescued from the sex slave industry? comment if you get anything and let me know what you got!

stay classy!